About Us

The inspiration for Alpine Events t/a CONSCIOUS EVENTS was Julian Palmer (June 2012) who had the idea to host a Psychoactive Plant Conference in South Africa. After many years of research and attending various events, we are grateful for the opportunity to participate on this level.

Recent natural phenomena such as earthquakes, tsunamis, increased volcanic and tectonic activity, to name a few, has proven that we are in the middle of a major transition that affects the entire planet and all its inhabitants.

Many respected individuals have dedicated their lives to research that covers virtually every ancient tradition in the ongoing quest to assist mankind through this transformational phase. Despite tremendous challenges, much wisdom has emerged from this unbiased study of old doctrines, lost civilizations, archeological sites, alternative medicines and sciences. It is within the great civilizations of the past that many answers are held and this knowledge is vital for our evolution as a species.

The principle aim of Alpine Events t/a CONSCIOUS EVENTS is to facilitate opportunities for independent researchers and academics to present their work to a growing South African audience.


ufo_expo082707sSCA Conference was inspired by a conversation with esteemed Lloyd Pye who was excited at the thought of presenting his latest research at SCA Conference despite being diagnosed with a cancerous tumour. Lloyd is no longer with us but as Brien Foerster wrote in a private communication to us, “Lloyd’s legacy will live on forever through his fellow researchers and friends.”

Lloyd was captivated by the possibility of assembling great minds from different backgrounds in an event to explore recently discovered archaeological phenomenon. As the discussion progressed, a clearer picture emerged and he exclaimed, “What a great idea to have a line up of ancient civilizations researchers, consciousness researchers and scientifically minded people at the same event! Imagine the possibilities!”

The aim of SCA Conference is:

  • To facilitate an in depth analysis of evidence that has been uncovered across the world from recent archaeological discoveries.
  • To provide a platform for expert researchers and academics to comment on the impact of this information, and on the emerging possibilities in the ongoing quest to define the history and evolution of our planet.
  • To investigate the views and opinions of the scientific mainstream with reference to ancient technologies that are evident in the construction of prehistoric megaliths found scattered across the globe. What messages do these discoveries hold for modern civilization?
  • A detailed examination of the Universe as a conscious, intelligent and interactive phenomenon.
  • An opportunity to have our perception and understanding expanded by recent discoveries in the study of consciousness.
  • Global Events