Dean Liprini


deanDean Liprini Independent Researcher, Geomancer and Published Author
“I had a vision of a young man in a shirt and khaki shorts, running barefoot up a mountain. There he found a crystal. He was not a reader of books, but when he grew up he made a great discovery. This is Dean Liprini.” ~ Credo Mutwa

Dean has been researching archaeoastronomy in South Africa for 23 years, has authored the book: “Pathways of the Sun – Unveiling the Mysteries of Table Mountain and beyond”  published 2006 by Red Nolan

In 2004 he produced an independent academic thesis, “Ancient Pathways of the Sun” on his research and findings.

In 2008 Dean produced a homemade documentary DVD  “Pathways of the Sun an Awakening” of his research, with a compilation of photographic and video footage, further validating his findings.

In 2012 Dean founded the Sacred Sites Foundation of Southern Africa, a non-profit organization with the key objective of protecting these sacred sites and creating greater awareness around them.

Talk 1: Pathways of the Sun – Unveiling the Mysteries of Table Mountain and Beyond”

Dean will share 23 years of research and findings of megalithic archaeo-astonomical structures, which exist at the Southern Tip of Africa and in and around Table Mountain. He will present the most likely scenario that explains the mystery, apropos what it was used for, by whom, when and to encourage further interest in archaeoastronomy in South Africa.

This exciting video and photographic presentation, will lead you along his journey of re-discovery, an extensive network of sacred stones, springs and ancient burial caves, all woven together across an area of more than eight hundred kilometres, forming a “Diamond Light Grid” serving as an ancient celestial and spiritual calendar, defined by the cardinal directions of the rising and setting sun during the summer solstice, winter solstice and equinox. Some of these sacred marker stones have been enhanced to create human facial likenesses, with eye-holes pierced through the rock to form astronomical alignments. The scale and magnitude of these stone watchman, observatories and marker stones are monumental, while their mysterious origins defy conventional explanation. Dean recently compiled a DVD: “Pathways of the Sun – An Awakening”, a wonderful complement to his book, which helps one visualize the amazing insights that he has gained from his explorations over the years, revealing to us the magical secrets that we otherwise would have missed.

Talk 2: Megalithic Triangles – Tripods and Tetrahedrons
Using Ancient Consciousness in Todays world. (Cape Town Only)

How can we better access and connect with aspects of our ancient individual and collective selves, to fully remember the wisdom, spirit and the collective experience and consciousness of many lifetimes. In this remembering we can heal and make ourself Whole again, in this state of Wholeness and Oneness, what guidance can we perceive to better shape and pave our way into our individual and collective Future. “We are the One’s we have been Waiting for”

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