Daniel Schreiber


imageMy most recent direction is exploring systems of perpetual renewal and designing human interfaces to enable harmonic human communication, relationship and custodianship of the natural world. The plant entheogens offer access portals to facilitate this work via entrainment and tuning.

I am a professional photographer, videographer and multimedia producer. I am a self-taught herbal healer, ecologist and landscape gardener with a forte for creative direction and vision. I love Tea, bamboo, lotus, nature, people, water, architecture, the sun and open minds. I travel and share earth and soil regeneration ‘technologies’ , seeds, tools and ways of harmonic interaction. My work with organic plant growth enhancers  [ www.enormus.org  ] is on the cutting edge of increasing plant and soil biota health to support the flowering of human awareness via vibrational nutrition.

Talk 1: The Guardians of paradise and Attainable Utopia’s – The Dawning of a New Sun 

Guardians of paradise… The tiny yet powerful gatekeepers to the living sanctuary and the future of our planet.

Can we traverse the coming earthly destruction and birth a golden age?
What lessons can we learn from the ancestors and ancients that can support a graceful transition?
How do we become modern Earth stewards and reconnect to ourselves, each other and the planet in a harmonic and meaningful way that will perpetually enrich all life on earth?

A common story amongst many tribes of origines in Australia how they arrived on this planet from the Pleiades in a ship made of crystal that exploded when it came to Earth about a million years ago!
These people claim to have access to advanced technology both physical and bodily and yet refused to use the physical technology for a very good reason. They claim to have been on every continent on earth and always leave when the endemic cultures develop agriculture as they say that it leads to where we are now and is destructive every time!
This presentation explores the synergistic relationship that beings who choose biological bodies to roam the earth, have to forge in order to flourish and thrive. This is a story of how humans formed relationships with some of the smallest beings on the planet and in their bodies. These beings produce the bio chemicals responsible for forms of consciousness and awareness that modern humans are just starting to uncover. They produce 80 % of the serotonin and 90% of the dopamine in the gut! The successful human cultures cultivated these relationships with the microbiology in the body and externally through the use of frequency by tuning to the heart using entheogenic plants, ‘earth’ technology and bodily practice to remain connected to the ‘source’.

The relative success and litany of the rise and fall of the thousands of cultures and civilisations that have come before us can be charted by a defining characteristic – connectedness. The hunter gatherers were skilled at remaining connected as their lives depended upon it.

The rise and fall of empires, civilizations and cultures… The myth of our origins and how that effects the future,
The coming golden age.
The final frontiers… Consciousness, vibration and frequency…
Solar economies and the success of cultures.
Modern custodians… How to steward a planet? Attainable Utopias.
How to cultivate a harmonic micro biome?

Myth of the pleidian travellers the Australian origins.
Relationship to soil, food and microbes.
Solar cultures and solar economies.
Role of psychoactive plants in reconnection and healing.
Cultivating the right frequencies to support life : the heart, the sun and love.

Viruses, bacteria, fungi and microbiota. Who designed them? What is their purpose? Are they superconscious?

TED talk on Modern Earth Stewardship www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7SggXPdbjo

Talk 2: The coming of the 6th sun. True solar economies, The role of the heart in birthing the golden age. (Cape Town Only)

This talk will focus on modern Gnosticism and the return of the goddess Sophia. It explores modern entheogenic cults and how their new view reconnects with the ancestors and brings the modern environmental movement into its true harmonic role of earth honouring and restoration. Reforesting the mind and cultivating the microbiomes , how synergistic harmonic relationships with nature will always outperform the transgenic human agenda. True transcendence does not involve nuts and bolt technology.

How our ancestors managed to get us this far and where to from now? From hunter gatherers to space travellers and beyond. The final frontier is not space , it is quantum.

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